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You Imagine. We create

Premium Collection - 1 MM

Experience The Elegance Of Simplicity In The Textures And Colours Of Our Unique Line Of Premium Laminates 

Red Carpet Lifestyle

Our Most Precious Collection of Superior Quality 1MM Laminates that add Artistic Brilliance to Your Interiors

Magnum Opus - 0.8 MM


Our Supreme selection of 0.8 mm laminates that will raise the panache of your decor.


Charm everyone who steps into your space with our spectacular line of 0.8 mm Laminates 

Masterpieces that make your interiors a Cosmopolitan Affair

Elegance Inside - Liner Collection


They say Elegance is when the inside is as Beautiful as the outside. We got you covered! Our striking range of Liner Laminates is sure to win you over.

Fine Decor

Beauty starts from inside out. And our stately range of Liner laminates prove just that. We bring you designs perfect to match your ideals

Give a celestial edge to your decor with the subtle finish of our sumptuous set of laminates

Dream Home Friendly

Value For Money

Budget friendly

Numerous Choices

Customer Assistance

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