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Stone Laminate

Artis Laminates is known for its spectacular laminate designs and quality. Among the several categories of laminates available with us, stone laminate is one of the most popular laminate. Not everyone can afford the installation of premium quality stones at their house. That is when our stone laminates come to rescue as they are considered perfect to use in place of stones. These laminates are in design of stones and are perfect for flooring.


To offer different designs of stone laminates, we have expert craftsmen working with us. They are utilizing the best techniques and ideas to produce unique quality stone laminates. At Artis Laminates, we have stone laminates of different types that are available in different colours. The production of these laminates are done by keeping the real stone designs in mind so that our customers can get the replica of the same. All the stone laminates produced by us are suitable to use as flooring at different surfaces. They are easy to install and apply without worrying about their durability.


Whether one wishes to use them at their workplace or at their home or at resorts, they will look great everywhere. These stone laminates are also suitable for designing kitchen countertops to give them an aesthetically appealing look. Being water resistant in nature, one need not worry about their exposure to water. Similarly, they are stain and scratch resistant as well which makes them best for flooring. These are sturdy laminates and that is why they can easily bear heavy weight without any wear and tear. As one of the certified laminate manufacturers, we always design stone laminate by following the best industry standards. Artis Laminates has successfully supplied these laminates to multiple customers and have always received appreciation for the quality we deliver.

Stone Laminate

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