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1 MM Laminates Sheets

Artis Laminates is a renowned brand when we speak of premier range of laminates. The company is into the business of fabricating impeccable quality laminates for long time. We have achieved a great response from our customers for the quality of laminate sheets manufactured by us. Among the different size of laminate sheets available with us, we also produce 1mm laminate sheets. We know that one or two design in a single size laminate is not what will satisfy our customers. That is why; we have created a whole range of laminate sheets of 1 mm size for our customers.


From the vibrant range of laminates to rustic design laminate, stone design laminate to glossy design laminates, we have different designs of laminates available with us. At Artis Laminates, we have different patterns and different gradients of 1 mm laminate sheets available. The presence of multiple designs help people get what they desire. But there are a few things that are common in all our laminate sheets. Like the quality which is what we are known for and we always adhere to the industrial standards that help us focus on it. Other than the quality, our laminates are also known for their sturdiness, chemical resistivity, abrasion resistivity, and moisture resistivity. It makes them perfect among all. All our laminate sheets require low maintenance and offer excellent finish.


Being a well certified brand, Artis Laminates always puts its best effort to deliver laminate sheets of the optimum quality. All these laminate sheets have ISI mark on them and they are available at competitive market prices. Our 1mm laminate sheets are perfect to match most of the expectations shared by our customers.

1 MM Laminates Sheets

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